Instructors From World Class Industries and Academic institutions

We have curated a team of powerful data practitioners. They are not your traditional instructors rather they will spark your mind with ideas they possess with their extensive operational knowledge in making data, using data and fostering data to deal with the future needs.

Seraj Al Mahmud Mostafa

Data Scientist at

Montana State University, USA

Passionate to optimising performance from Data

Journey from Industry to Academy. 
Acting as the bridge between the industry and academia.

Seraj has been working in the area of Distributed Systems for the last 5+ years. His expertise in Network data experiments leads to the extraordinary performance analysis for modern web pages in terms of their contents and ISP provided services. He is highly knowledgeable at collecting and interpreting large datasets towards visualisation and generating data driven models. His recent works include designing predictive data models using statistical algorithms to identify and understand the knowledge beyond visibility. Currently, Seraj is continuing his Doctoral studies at Montana State University, USA.  





Graphcore, Norway

Exceptionally known for Deep Reinforcement Learning 

Dr. Arjun Chandra received a doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Birmingham, UK in 2011. He is based in Oslo and works at Graphcore (, conducting R&D activities to develop and discover performant and scalable machine intelligence workloads and methods adapted to Graphcore’s Intelligence Processing Units (IPUs). He routinely advises students at the Norwegian Open AI Lab at NTNU. Prior to Graphcore, Arjun was a Senior Research Scientist at Telenor Research, where he conducted fundamental and applied research in deep reinforcement learning. Before that, he was leading the AI effort at an education technology startup (, and has further conducted academic research at the Universities of Manchester, Birmingham, and Oslo, on projects
focussed on engineering machine intelligence, funded by the UK research council (EPSRC) and the EU. More about Arjun can be found on his personal site:


Global Analytics Leader, Norway

Helping industry to simplify analytical needs by developing robust highly scalable analytical products 

Dr. Juwel is analytics native, from early career till now, his desire and accomplishments are all around advanced analytics and AI. Product minded, innovation driven, business centric, highly efficient analytical leader, currently employed at Varner as Head of analytics. Has PhD in applied machine learning from LTU Sweden, Licentiate in Media Technology from LTU, MSc in software engineering from KTH, Sweden. 15+ years of experience in tech, digital, data, innovation, telco, retail. Loves to create and curate.


Dr. SRH Noori

Associate Head at

DIU, Bangladesh

Journey from Industry to Academy. Acting as the bridge between the industry and academia.

Dr. Noori is an Associate Professor in the Dept. of CSE at the Daffodil International University, Dhaka. He received his Ph.D. in Information & Communication Technology from the University of Trento, Italy and studied Masters in Software Engineering of Distributed System at KTH, Sweden; He has several years of experience working in various European and Asian IT companies and Universities. His work includes R&D, software development, training and consulting. In his prior work in Italy as a CTO at the Mountain-eering S.r.l. he worked on developing simulation software GEOtop for environmental analysis and simulation. He also served as a guest Academic in Anglia Ruskin University, UK and University of West Of Scotland, UK.