KalerKantho, Digital news talks about how Value Base Academy is empowering leaders through AI

At Value Base, we are offering most completed fully end-to-end applied data science program. The program is very business focused, helping the industry leaders to build their AI strategy, at the same time helping young talents with all the necessary ingredients. For example:

• Shows whole process of collecting, extracting, querying, cleaning, and aggregating data for advanced analytics.

• Gathering, storing and organising data using standard SQL in Bigquery.

• Performing visual and statistical analysis on data using Python and its associated libraries and tools.

• Crafting and sharing compelling narratives through data visualisation using end-to-end Business Intelligence Pipelines.

• Build and implement appropriate machine learning models and algorithms to evaluate data science problems spanning finance, public policy, and more.

• Mastering in stakeholder reports to communicate the nuances of your analyses.

• Applying question, modeling, and validation problem-solving processes to data sets from various industries to provide insight into real-world problems and solutions.

• Preparing for the world of work, compiling a professional-grade portfolio of solo, group, and industry lead capstone projects.

We are humbled and honoured that KalerKantho is reporting our journey nation-wide.

To read the news please click here

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