Two weeks since the ILDS Feb 2021 is started

We are happy to see that the journey of developing data leaders are getting success. Recently we launched our firth batch of the applied data science program. It is a pleasure that students from different background are joining this program for becoming next generation data leaders.

We are honoured to have respected candidates from BRAC, WALTON, City Bank, MIST and so on, who are part of the above mentioned institution where either they received education, or work currently or in previous years.

We are not the only one who are approaching with data science competences building agenda, the options are many so to speak. However, when it comes to learn effective based on the value that you generate with the given time and money, is really hard to measure. So it is important that you double check few things before enrolling in a data science program.

- Do sign up for a program just because it has longer program duration. Remember that longer period of time requires longer commitment of learning, and giving additional time values require solid outcome from this time investment.

- Do not go for studying data science theories. Learning theories is important but not in scale of more than 20% when your objective to prepare yourself for the job market.

- Build on right scalable technologies rather than legacy desktop based learning processes.

- Never under-estimate the need of consultation, because at the end of the day it is the solid experience which will be matter. So learning from the expert by directly engaging with them 10 times more effective than only watching videos on Ed-tech.

Hope these points will be helpful and reach with more points in some other days. Wish you very good luck our February cohort,

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